Consequently after business mogul Donald Trump got elected into the Presidency of the United States, Kenyans across social media has been calling and asking questions on whether the Kenyan tycoon could also run for the countries’ top political sit.
During a two day investor forum, Kirubi brushed off the calls and answered that he would not even at any time try to vie for president citing that you cannot be the jack of all trades when it comes to that question.
Speaking at Angel Fair Africa Forum he said: “You cannot be an expert in both business and in politics; Trump is a good example of that I haven’t seen him do one single political thing. We can only wait and see what he does, but if he runs the country how he runs his companies avoiding taxes so society can benefit then it will be difficult. Politics is a calling while business is a skill. We need committed leaders but everyone should occupy their space.”

While saying that, he also invited the world to invest in Africa where he argues that the market is far much profitable than others and that himself including other successful African entrepreneurs have been leading as examples of investing in Africa.
“It is laughable that foreign investors consider Africa high risk, they make 2-4 % return on investment while in Africa we are making 30-40 %. African entrepreneurs are being recognized the world over and I am actively investing in start-ups; offering both funding and mentorship.”