I thought it ended in First year, when one could change a course just because his or her friends are doing “Better” courses than them. The times when ladies could date Fourth years just because they seemed richer, through the valid ownership of either a laptop or a whoofer! The days when a lady would call and follow you wherever you were just becase you were lucky to reside in Nyayo 6, a hostel with a kitchennette and funny enough you were not even cooking!

I have grown older and now in my Third year, where identity crisis is even worse, the difference is in experience. Now people are more professional and has some standards in their lifestyles. Men are comparing the list of the number of ladies they have dated, ladies on the other hand are comparing notes on how many succesful abortions they have witnessed. Some have even become religious about it! The “Xaxa xwiry” texts have graduated into “hi Baib,” People are more digital and if you dont have a laptop, a
tablet you must be possesing a smartphone. My friend, a Butere High School alumni have left carrying huge sacks of Maize flour from Emuhaya and now is a great customer of Soko ugali. Odoyo Mungah, Who used to reside in Nyayo 3, decided that Kisumu boyz are tasty no more, now he prefers indomine.

Prefab hostel - KU
Prefab hostel – KU

The ladies, have not been left behind too, gone are the days they used condom shoes to navigate the distances within campus, now stilletos are the way to go. From dating a common fourth year with a borrowed laptop to dating a public figure, A governor if not an MCA, the Vera Sidika type have gonne abit higher, from a natural dark African skin to A very light, “American skin,” some aim at being beyonces while others are determined to be Nicki Minaj.

As a humble resident of Prefabs At 3rd year, I sit back watch and remember the wise words of my village elder, Mr. Wepukhulu, “My Son, The University is a strange place, we cant afford to sell our only cock to teach another cock, be focused, pray and give
thanks to your creator always, you will emerge a winner.” Inshallah


Erick Okoth