The music industry unfortunately has created an undeniable norm where every upcoming artist has to struggle so hard to find their own niche.

However this notion works against those artistes who rise so fast to fame in the music industry. Their fast rise is owed to the rumors that they have associated themselves with the cult; illuminati.

Despite this being a rumor we cannot ignore the fact that there is some speck of truth in every rumor.

Here is a list of famous musicians believed to be in the illuminati


  • Octopizzo


His journey from rags to riches happened very fast. Octopizzo is one of the best rappers we have locally and has managed to rule the international airwaves. If that is not enough, Octopizzo does not shy away from including all manner of illuminati symbols in his video. However, he has never denied or agreed to the unending rumors of him being in the sect. Let’s assume he is not ready to come into the light with the rumor.

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  • Jaguar


Just like Octoppizo, Jaguar’s fame from grass to fame rose very fast. His recent move politically has continued to prove the rumors right that maybe he is in the sect. Jaguar was just the nextdoor kapuka singer but since then, he has become a household name. Jaguar, you mind addressing these rumors ?

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  • Crème de la Crème


His pose while taking photos where he circles one eye with two fingers has continued proving the rumor right over the years. He is one of the best paid DJs in the country. Over the past years, Dj Crème has addressed his issues like the leaked sex tape but has never addressed the Illuminati rumor.

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It leaves us guessing and convincing ourselves,maybe he is a member otherwise why would he not address the issue?

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  • Prezzo


His hits have graced the airwaves often than expected. His constant show of his classy swag and tattoos has made him a household name ;one that’s hard to forget. The rumor about him being associated with the sect came after his then ex-girlfriend Goldie died.

He has not cared to address the rumor and it seems we will have to wait till we turn bald for him to do so.

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  • Hellon


This famous saxophonist has been blamed for the fall of Esther Arunga. He however rose to fame in 2009 owing to his church `finger of God’ claims of freeing people souls.

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Just like the others, Hellon has never addressed this rumor .

Any other celebrity you suspect to be in the Illuminati gang? Tell us below .