We have witnessed in the past when Kenyan Universities have tried to edit fee structures and it did not go well with students. The best form of expression has always been strikes which have led to destruction of property and sometimes loss of lives.

Last week there was an article in a The Hashtag, a pull out in The Standard newspaper that said University fees will be determined by the course a student decides to pursue. This was laid down to the fact that some courses need more equipment in handling them compared to others.

Technical courses were considered as needing more equipment hence translating into more money. The Commission for University Education in Kenya laid down the amount of money that would go to Universities offering Technical courses and comparing the allocation to Universities that mainly offer Arts and Humanity courses, it was more.

University students have always had that constant amount of 16000 Kshs as fees while the rest of the amount has been covered by either HELB or other donors. The Government has been left to cater for the cost of books and equipment which for Technical courses is more expensive.

Universities such as Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and Technical University of Kenya are set to receive more money in the next allocation. This will also affect how much fees students pursuing these courses will have to pay. Kenya is in an economic crisis and according to the World Bank our set economic growth of 6% will not be achieved as we will make 5.5%. Parents might end up advising their kids to change to favorable courses.