When you think museum, you probably think history or art, but do you ever think science or technology? Well, Multi-media University, being a hub for Innovation and Technology has an Information Communication Technology(ICT) Museum, one thing that many students may not have experienced. Have a look at some of the cool stuff we found inside their museum.

Have you used any of these before?

If you’ve never used a kabambe, at least you’d get to see a number of models at this place.

They’ve even got the pre-historic phones.

An old TV and video tapes…

….and old computers.

Have you used a typewriter before? I have…not fun.

Radio and telephone line plant.

The museum also has a set up that shows how exactly radio and radio stations work.

Many of us don’t know how a fax looks like…

As I walked round, I wondered where they got all these machines from. This is a work station.

Remember sending those love mails in high school and stocking up on stamps?

You could make time and visit the museum, I’m sure IT or media students would find it enlightening.