Shine FM is Daystar’s radio station based at Athi River Campus. It is run by students alone, right from management to its staffing. Shem enlightens us more about the FM who’s slogan is “radiating life”.

Tell us about Shine FM?

Shine FM is a student/community based radio station that was founded in 2003. It was introduced for students to sharpen their skills and nurture their talent. Apart from the theory they get from the class, there is practical bit that gives students firsthand experience.

What are its mission and vision?

Having fun in the studio

Shine FM is a Christian station that promotes Christianity through Gospel content and in everything we do. The organizational structure is, it is run by purely students:

  1. Headed by a Station manager Ann Lokeder and senior manager Shem 
  2. Program manager who ensures programs are approved. Music, show profile, news are passed through him and his team for verification.
  3. Production manager who heads producers and creative people for the credibility of voice overs, promos, jingles, voxpops and guest speakers.
  4. Corporate communication manager who heads three sub departments:
  • Public Relations department
  • Online operators who deal with website, twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work together with market team

5. News manager who is in charge of news. This is subdivided into many departments: script writers, reporters and columnists.

Any products of Shine FM?

Shine FM has produced many media personalities. Just to mention a few: Macharia Kapombe, Ben Kitili, Lillian Muli, Johnson Mwakazi, Moses Wakisu, Ian Wafula, Sophia Wanuna and Mumbi Warui. That’s why I encourage students to come and gain experience and builf their portfolios.

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To the program manager, what criteria do they use to run Shine FM?

First, Shine FM has already existing programs. But we advertise slots for people to come up with ideas and work for Shine FM. We encourage students to email and pitch proposals. The management team usually sit and critic the proposal before approval. In a case the proposal is almost similar with an already existing program; we introduce it as a segment that will run 30 minutes or an hour into the show. If it is new, fresh and meets the threshold that is, target audience and language we approve it.

The team behind Shine FM
The team behind Shine FM

Where does Shine FM get its funding?

Shine FM’s rate cards vary from student level, business, advertisement, industries and companies. We do promos, jingles and classifieds even for external companies. After the emailing of rate cards and showing interest, we sign contracts because people who would want to pay pre or post the program. We use these funds to maintain equipment.

Shine FM events, roadshows and branded t-shirts are away to get funding that we motivate staff by giving incentives. Shine FM is under communication department, so it is also allocated for funds.


Are your news just internally based?

Our news are just like any other station. That is, we employ use of vox pops. Reporters and people on ground. Challenge is time management. Students have classes, assignments and the job. For instance, live events at Statehouse we can outsource. But if the events are around the vicinity, we cover through our correspondents.

What makes Shine FM unique?

Out of all campus radio, we are the only ones who do live streaming. We have partnered with Deutche Welle (DW), we at times air their programs. Other partners include Shujaa and local churches who send us their sermons.

That’s all you need to know about Shine FM, plans are underway for Daystar TV!