Instagram to Begin War on Fake Followers, Likes and Comments on MONDAY!!!

The moment many of us have always been waiting for is finally here, the moment our Instagram celebrities get exposed for we know many who use third-party apps to inflate their popularities.


Instagram has finally promised to wipe out all inauthentic followers, inauthentic likes and inauthentic comments from Instagram users. Instagram is a big thing right now and many people use their numbers/followers either just to boast of a celeb status or even making a living from it through advertisements.

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Advertisers use the number of followers per page to determine who they can work with and if the numbers are inflated that means they get cheated off their money. Earlier this year we had the infamous “twitter clean up” that saw many celebrities stripped off as many followers as half a million so many of just can’t wait to see who had been faking here too.

The war begins on Monday so get ready for it.

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