Have you ever queried your inner self on issues pertaining motherhood? Well, some people have wondered why do mothers multitask. You can find a mother talking on them, ashing utensils and at the same time carrying a child. Does it seem awkward?

There is always the of being a mother. Not all women have experienced motherhood. This day is basically a day of embracing all mothers. Despite different countries having different days of celebration, the day embraces maternal bonds.

It is a crime for one to forget the D-Day in some countries. On the other hand, some countries are naive about what to celebrate that day. Kenya to be precise, the day has gain momentum. On 12th May, social media platforms will be full of congratulatory messages. The day turns to melancholic depending on the relationships kept.

Mothers get time to spend with their family members. On this day, most people express their love to their mothers by taking them out, buying them gifts. What many need to be cautious is to remain intact not only on this day.

Mothers have played a major role in the society and they have continued to wear a thick skin in a world where male chauvinism have dominated. This has been witnessed in different field zeroing down from politics, business and in the day to day family commitment.

Aside from the challenges they encounter on their day to day lives they still have some celebrations and enchantments to look forward to every morning they arise. Mothers have surpassed the challenges to become Presidents, elected legislatures and successful entrepreneurs among other lucrative positions.

Mother’s Day Dos and Don’ts in Kenya

Don’t let her do any chores – For one day a year, everything is about her and her luxury. Go out of your way in ensuring she does not lift a finger to do a chore. She is royalty on Mother’s Day so treat her like one.

Do the laundry, cook, wash the dishes, buy the groceries and clean the house. All she has to do is sit back and be pampered.

Don’t spend all your time on social media – Gift your mother with your time. It is easy to take for granted what it means to sit down and have a conversation with your mother without your attention being diverted elsewhere. Quality time spent together is better than any gift you can give so turn of your phone and put it away and talk to your mother and exchange stories of your new experiences and work.

Don’t disappear after – do not be the person that only talks to the parents in the time leading up to mother’s day or disappears right after. Let mother’s day be a culmination of the special things you do for your mother throughout the year.

Do Involve her in the activities -If your mother’s day plan involves any activities, let it be something she wants to do. If you want to watch a movie , let her pick which one to watch, if you want to go to a park, let her lead the way when you get there so she decides which spots she likes for pictures. Let her do what she enjoys and you follow.

Do Involve the whole family in the planning- Any activity done by the while family during this time is bound to be fulfilling, whether it is at home or outdoors, family is a safe bet for an easy to do mother’s day gift. Read more: https://www.tuko.co.ke/272945-when-mothers-day-kenya.html#272945

As we celebrate International Mothers Day this coming Sunday, extend your hands of accolades to the mothers in the world irrespective of the roles they have played in your life. Celebrate their motherhood! Appreciate their diversity! Acknowledge their equality and ability!