The Kenyan music scene is constantly growing, albeit at a not so fast rate, but it’s growing and with it comes hot new artists doing remarkable things with the craft. One of such amazing talents that has recently come up is rapper Barak Jacuzzi.

Barak is as fresh and versatile has they come. Born and raised in the USA, Barak came back to the country a few years back, and joined the industry to give it much needed rejuvenation. For the most part, he’s been hosting events as well as hosting a show on What’s Good Network. He’s one of the best event hosts in the country as far as I’m concerned, take that to the bank!

The Coco Master (aka Mr Mo Juice aka Pretty Rasta aka Mr OYA) has put out songs already with the likes of Shappaman, Timmy Blanco, Kus Ma and has something cooking with Octopizzo, expected to be out soon. He also dropped a new mixtape last Friday and had a launch for it, The Juice Bar(which is also the name of the mixtape), at Treehouse lounge.

The juice bar(event) had most of the acts on the mixtape come out and many more artists as well as fans. Turned out to be an epic night full of beautiful people. Check out some pictures from the event;


Trina Mungai performing at the Juice Bar event, Treehouse.
Barry Mo and Miss Kemunto perform “Falling” off the December nights EP.
Dela kicking it with Barak Jacuzzzi
Yung Haze in the audience having a good time.

Host of the night, Shaqtheyoungin
Mayonde goofing around with a fan.
Barak shutting the house down.
AD Family after putting up an epic performance.
Shappaman on a free style.
Steph Kapella turned the heat up.

The music culture is fast changing, don’t be left out of the know. Check out more of Barak’s work on his website, you’ll be impressed!