It is barely a week since Bahati shared a post on social media; an apology to gospel music fans on his and behalf of the fellow gospel artists for getting derailed and not spreading the word through their songs.

He was however criticized for his actions by Bien of Sauti Sol and most recently gospel artist L Jay Maasai, who viewed the post at a publicity stunt. L Jay Maasai posted:

“No one appointed Bahati as the spokesman for the gospel industry. There are plenty of musicians doing real gospel music and (are) inspired by the Word of God. Maybe we as fans are just paying attention to the wrong musicians… Let’s not dwell in some quotas who have become experts in publicity stunt…This looks like another strategy for a new song release bro @bahatikenya,”

Following the release of his latest collaborative work with the super talented singer Jemmimah Thiong’o, the claims might as well hold water.

The song, titled “Kwa Moyo Wangu”, is however a very good song and brings back that gospel feel that has been lacking in Bahati’s recent releases. He couldn’t have picked a better person that Jemmimah Thiong’o to work with either. The new song is refreshing and the blend in Bahati and Jemmimah’s voices is just uplifting.

Publicity stunt or not, this is a good song, and an indication of the path Bahati should stick to. Have a listen:

What do you think of the song? Hit or miss? Tell us below.