Is having a sponsor justifiable?


Society will never accept or justify young chics getting into relationships with sponsors. Who is a sponsor? He is described as, an elderly individual or group of individuals who pursue younger womensexually in return provide them with financial benefits.

Dove*22, a third year student at a leading learning institution in Nairobi, is a young beautiful lady who comes from an average income generating family. Both her parents and siblings, live in the rural area.

In first year, she lived in the school hostels, but is now ‘living the good life’ in a luxurious apartment in Westlands.

Her story is shared by many young girls who find themselves in that kind of lifestyle.

The first judgmental question asked by many people is usually, what made you become a sugar baby?

1. Daddy issues.

Dove,* doesn’t have a stable healthy relationship with her father. He kept disappearing and reappearing in their lives. He was strict; she ended up fearing him rather than respecting him. Having a sugar daddy, filled that void and made her less empty. He (the sugar daddy) would baby her, spoil her and take care of her and she would be submissive and feel the presence of a father figure in her life.

2. Money.

desperation also known as financial security. According to Dove, she entered into such a relationship to be able to pay her tuition fees and have a future. With middle class farmers for parents, she lacked adequate finances. Let’s be honest, tertiary education can be quite expensive. She also does it for maintenance, sufficient funding to cater for her housing, dressing, and lifestyle.

3. Trying to fit in.

It seems like everyone in their 20’s is out there making bad decisions all in the name of YOLO. She’ll want to wear the latest style, get the latest hairstyles. Have Monday stories about the crazy get away during the weekend, which 5 star hotels he took you bla bla.

4. Past experiences in life.

Most young girls suffered broken hearts and pain changed them. They might have been lied to and used, turning them into someone who lost focus and got distracted in life.

5. Adventure.

Experience new things in life. She wanted to eat new things like caviar as opposed to mukimo, she wanted to drink cocktails whose names she wouldn’t be able to pronounce. Maybe it was part of her bucket list adventure.


What do you think? Is having a sponsor justifiable? Share your thoughts below.