Is Kenya Ready For A Total LockDown???

Kenyans have been advised to stay at home as the Covid-19 pandemic keeps blazing in the country.

Most Kenyans have been reported to be ignorant of the pandemic. Kenyans are still not taking it serious.

CS. Mutahi Kagwe did express his dissatisfaction on how Kenyans are responding to the guides given to them.

The directives that have ensured all churches, mosques and public gatherings are dismantled.

This is something that has happened for the first time in the history.

A looming menace seems to be coming in the future if Kenyans won’t hear the directives issues to them.

Imagine having a locked down in Kenya! What will the country turn out to be? This is something that we really need to analyze.

The majority of Kenyans population are struggling to fend for their families through their meagre earnings. Now with what is happenings the earnings have been curtailed.

The government of Kenya seems to ignore the real issue that is making Kenyans to be out despite their warnings.

Transport facilities have also brought another stumbling block to the passengers travelling.

A directive given to the transport industry, has forced them to increase the fares, something that has overwhelmed the Kenyan citizens.

Food prices are also expected to hike in the ongoing pandemic. This is as a result of what is expected to come.

In case a lock down comes to display most of the Kenyans will under a lot of sufferings.

Some deaths and occurrences are likely to be witnessed in the country if nothing is done by the government.

Patients who are suffering from other diseases are also likely to undergo depression due to what the country is tending to be.

With the country recording 16 cases as per today, we hope the situation will be managed before we reach the ultimatum level of uncertainty.

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