The implementation of the New Curriculum of education has met a lot of challenges. Many people are citing its foul even before it bares fruits. Professor Magoha, the Cabinet Secretary of education has been on the receiving end.  KNUT chairman and officials have come out strongly opposing the new system.  Hon. Wilson Sossion has even went ahead to inform teachers to teach the older curriculum.

Magoha launched the National Curriculum Policy two days ago. He cited that the curriculum is here to stay and those opposing should renounce their stand. The Competency Based Curriculum awaits approval of sessional paper by the legislatures. The approval will further legal framework for anchoring CBC.

Criticism in the curriculum

The skeptics have gone ahead to quote issues that have made them oppose. The teachers expected to adopt the system have been defined as untrained in the system. The system also has been criticized that it has not formulated the transition from high school to university. What is the state of your child in this limbo? Some have even mentioned the issues to do with funding the system.

No retreat for Magoha

With the backing of Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, Magoha has promised to facilitate the success of the system. Over 100 teachers were interdicted by TSC for trying to derail the system. Imagine, handing over your child to a teacher who opposes the system. Will the teacher prepare the child well?Will they capture the attitude and the talents of the learner well? Teaching is said to be a passion and when the head begins to bite the neck, what would the end result be?

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As the government strives to implement the new system, a lot needs to be put in place. Kenyans are hoping for a new dawn for the children hence the government should ensure they address some of the challenges noted or else our children will miss the water when well hasn’t been dug yet.

For the new curriculum to bare fruits, there is need for co-operation. Training a child is a duty for parents,teachers and the society. If one fails in his or her role, the system may collapse. What are your views on the new system?