Love is one thing that could make you do something that you never thought you could do and it can also break you down and leave you happy a lifetime.

Anchor and TV personality Lilian Muli is one woman who has had challenges when it comes to relationships this is after she publicly announced that she was single sometime back after breaking up with the father to her second born child dubbing him a community husband.

Just recently, the so called community husband claimed that the Royal media services worker had conned him ten million shillings a money allegedly that Lilian wanted to use up to start up a spa business and a gym.

A picture posted on Lilian’s Muli gram was so private because it did not show the face of the father nor the child but she captioned the picture saying that the boys are hanging out.

This picture has raised several reactions from people on whether the two are back together after she posted that picture or if they are just co-parenting.

Check out what Lilian posted:

Just Boys Hanging out ❤️ Liam and his Daddy

Check out reactions from fans:


@lilmuli 😚😚😚😚😚. You are back to moraa name. Not bad. But next time don’t disclose that your man is community husband. If you accepted to be 3rd wife. Run your line & accept to share. Our kisii men love kamba ladies. But always no 2 or 3 even 4 as long as kuna pesaaaaaaa


Confuse them till they get confused


Community husband amerudi😂😂


The community hubby? Face it. You still love this guy


please show us his face we really wanna see, trust me you wont break up this time, so there’s no need to exclude him from your posts


Watu wawili wakipendana Hakuna anaeza kuwatenganisha hata in laws they can’t. So wakikosana nyamaza tu coz watarudiana tu


I was pregnant with @lilmuli for nine months, now I can’t even see our baby’s face…..@lilmuli achanga madharao😂😂😂