Israel Irrigation Program For Kenyan Students


Arid parts of Kenya will get the chance to benefit from irrigation schemes similar to those that have worked in Israel. 70 Kenyan students are going through an 11 month agricultural program in Israel set to equip them with the expertise to make this happen.

President Uhuru flags off students heading for three week program in Israel
President Uhuru flags off students heading for 11 month program in Israel

President Kenyatta urged the students in attendance for the program to work hard as the country awaits their skills. They are learning intensive agriculture production techniques, design and application of automated agriculture and irrigation systems. 25 of the students hail from Egerton University and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

This will push forward the agricultural sector in Kenya as 70% of the country is arid. More crops will be produced in Kenya. The president announced his plans to send more students to learn the dry farm technologies. He also stated that the progress of this program has been stalled by political interference.

However he and Prime Minister signed an agreement paving the way for stronger collaboration in water and irrigation last Tuesday.