Attitude kama mode wa Kenya, kunipita itabidi umesaka Mwakenya. We are talking about the latest club banger named Na Iwake featuring Kansoul and Ochunglo family.

The last time Kansoul did a collabo was last year when they released a song by controvercial ethic group, position which is and has always been played to in all airwaves.

Ochungulo family consists of Demore, NellyTheGoon, and Benzema are known for tracks such as “Kirimino” and Bora Uhai.Bora Uhai is the song gospel singer Willy Paul was accused of copying from them.

Na Iwake is a straight dancehall jam that will sure make you wish it’s a Friday.

The song was released on Tuesday and already has over sixty five thousand views.

Check out the Video: