Dundaing is the newest song that everybody is singing to and is being played in clubs and even Matatus.

The song is a collaboration of our own King Kaka, Kristoff, and Magix enga and they both came through with the beats and the song itself. King Kaka is a known Kenyan rapper who recently launched an album named Eastlando royalty.

The song talks about meeting a lady in the club and just letting loose on the dance floor to dance to the tune. The guy tries to court the lady but the lady already knows the guy because he already court her friend who bluntly refused his advances.

The song is now being played at the NBA and in a video King Kaka posted on his gram page, the song is heard playing in the background as the basketball match continues.

Kudos King Kaka lets take Kenyan music to the world.

Check out the video:

Check out the song: