Reality show star Noti Flow is back together with her boyfriend Colonel Mustafa and the two seem to have missed each other in the recent photos they have been sharing online.

The two have been apart for almost two years now after the Kamatia hit maker broke up with Mustafa saying that she was tired of the then boyfriend with his sugar mummy.

When we started dating, I did not know he was being ‘kept,’ and even though many people hinted it to me, I dismissed the talk as mere rumours,” Noti Flow said, adding that she dumped him because “he didn’t have time for me when I needed him the most.”

Recently, the two love bird have been sharing pics of them spending quality time together and at first, Noti said they were just friends until the video of them getting cozzy was shared online.

In the video shared by Noti on her gram, the two seem to be really in love and today Noti has posted a pic of Mustafa saying:

Give the dog a bone
Leave the dog alone
Let the dog roam & he’ll find his way home 😊

This only means that Mustafa is back home to stay.

Check out the video: