As far as Africa is concerned, the Ivory Coast harbors the cream of the crop; the winners of the African Cup Of Nations 2015!

From where my TV stand is positioned, it was a bit too clear that Ghana would take the glory back to the Gold Coast, despite the Ivory Coast having a phenomenal player for a captain, Yaya Toure.

This was a hot game… possessions, passes and vigor in attacks! Les Elephants got the upper hand at the penalty after a 120+ minute match that resulted in a stalemate. The dramatic 9-8 penalty victory which would never have happened without the Elephants’ goalkeeper, Boubacar Barry, denying his fellow goalie,Brimah Razak, a goal at the eleventh hour.

This is a repeated victory for Les Elephants after twenty years when they took the cup home after thrashing The Black Stars 11-10 at penalty… is it just me or history could not help but repeat its sorry self?

Well, the winner takes it all and the Ivory Coast did just that; they took the gold from the Gold Coast! After a tedious season of rigorous training and practice, Herve Renard can now take a back seat, hang his boots for a while and enjoy the smell of success; his team has done it! And from me, giving credit where it is due, I can only pat the French lads on the back… or, as they say in Cote d’Ivoire, felicitation!

By Meggy J. Obala