Jaque Maribe has had one of the toughest months in her life. She has been in remand, back and forth court sessions. She was later released on a 2 million shillings bail. A source close to Mpasho.co.ke said that she resumed working in Citizen T.V yesterday.

According to the source, Jaque Maribe will resume her old responsibilities but she won’t be an anchor on the station. She will gather all the news and arrange stories that will air on the T.V. station.

The reason as to why she will no longer continue as an anchor is because when she was released, she was released on tough conditions. She was restricted from reading or conducting interviews on matters related to the case.

Justice James Wakianga said that Maribe is innocent until proven guilty. Wakianga rejected a claim made by the prosecution that Maribe should remain in remand because she might interfere with the witnesses because she is a person of interest.