Jeff Koinange has joined Royal Media Services and his effect is already beginning to show. He is famed in Kenya for his unique talk show The Bench where he interviews influential people in the society on national issues. Koinange has also built a brand in the media industry as he has worked with CNN at a time in his career.

After leaving CNN, Jeff Koinange came back and landed a job at KTN for his talk show. It was interesting as it brought more fans to the TV station. It aired for a while but due to unclear reasons and some controversy the show came to an end.

Jeff Koinange had made a name for himself and it has not taken long. Citizen TV created space for him and now his show airs every Wednesday after the 9pm news bulletin. He has brought fans with him but then some news anchors are not pleased with him. He is causing rifts in the Royal Media house.

According to Kenya News Today Husein Mohammed and JanetĀ  Mbugua have already felt the pressure and have rendered in their resignation. Jeff Koinange has been reported by the site as having signed a mega two year deal with the media house that will see him earn up to 2 million Kenyan shillings monthly! This is reported by the site to have angered some anchors who have been there for a while but have not been paid such amount of money.