On Thursday evening, the renown TV host, Jeff Koinange announced he was ending his live shows at KTN. While interviewing gospel musician Emmy Kosgei in the program dubbed ‘inspirational Thursday’ that used to run on every Thursday, Jeff said that it would be his last show to be aired on KTN but the popular show would reappear in a different TV station. 

The announcement came three days after the Standard Digital Editor Mr. David Ohito disowned the show after a heated debate between his guests: Nairobi gubernatorial contender Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris which led to an outrage by members of the public.

The Editor however did not directly mention that they were cutting him from their programs. He said;

“I would want to remind the viewers here and anybody else who is interested that there are ways in which TV stations work. One includes outsourcing credible people to produce content and then you simply air. That is how Jeff Koinange’s show came to KTN. I want to clarify again that Jeff Koinange is not in the ranked file of the staff of the Standard Group. But the management has taken a decision which it will be following administratively.”  

It is reported that the channel’s management took the decision after the numerous defamation cases and talks that go on air that are against the code of conduct of journalism.

The prominent TV host made an apology last night to his viewers citing that it is a difficult experience to control a live show before making the announcement that many did not expect.

“One week ago right here at JKL, we had a program that deteriorated into something extremely ugly. People out  there probably thought I should have done a better job controlling the guests. Anyone who thought that it wasn’t up to par or I didn’t do a good job, I apologize so that we can move on. It is regrettable in most words but again… Having said that, this will be the final Jeff Koinange Live right here on KTN. Rest assured all of you watching tonight Jeff Koinange Live will be back on another station in the coming weeks, stay tuned for that. Jeff Koinange Live is not going anywhere, it’s just changing host.”

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