How do you recover after living a life that is not yours for 19 years? A story of Mellon and Sharon whom are now confirmed to be biological twins. The two seemed to have been switched at Hospital.

A problem that has arose in the Kakamega Twins saga is now Melvice, who was living with one of the twins is not their blood sister. A misery that has been solved through DNA results that were announced yesterday.

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Imagine living a life that isn’t yours? Assume you have been suffering and your better twin is outside there enjoying his or her life.  Picking up the pieces from 19 years will not be easy for both the girls.

Jeff Koinange during the Sunday Citizen’s News made a remark that has ambushed netizens and his remarks kept the netizens on fire as they discussed his remarks. His use of the word,”ThreeSome” trended for the better part of the night.

Jeff made the remarks when Victoria Rubadiri mentioned the family spokesperson mentioned they are not planning to separate the twins.

Check out his remarks and share your sentiments.