Former KTN investigative reporter Mohammed Ali has made public his interest in running for Member of Parliament in Nyali constituency. Ali explained why he left KTN speculating difference in his political opinions. He has lately shown affiliation with the opposition alliance by hanging out with Orange Democratic Party leader Raila Odinga.

Mohammed Ali who is famed for his investigative series Jicho Pevu that used to appear on KTN has since decided to join politics and will try to convince voters from Nyali constituency to send him to parliament when the polls take place on august the 8th this year. His campaign has already started as banners can be found on social media with his image and the area he wants to represent.

Mohammed Ali had sometimes last year said that his life was in danger and that he had gone through an assassination attempt on his life. His declaration to run for a parliamentary seat was done on 2nd March this year and he has officially started his strategy to get votes. He has given out a pay bill number to Kenyans who are willing to support his campaign budget. The poster which was shared earlier this morning via his twitter page @MohaJichoPevu has him reaching out to Kenyans looking to fix this country to support him in his political endeavor.

The opposition coalition ODM has received him well and he is bound to get their ticket to vie for Nyali constituency parliamentary seat. We wish him well.