Jimmy Macharia commits suicide after Man U loses to New Castle

Football is one game that has been vividly watched across the globe. If you are not a player then you could be a fan 0f football.

Different teams have different fans across the super football team. The fans sometime feel overwhelmed to control their emotions whenever their teams lose.

For a young Jimmy Macharia, a Nairobi resident couldn’t control the loss of Manchester United to New Castle. The game that ended 1 -0 made the young one jump from the top of a  building ending up killing himself in the name of football.

Majority of those who commit suicide are oftenly said to have done so as a result of either betting their money for just a game. After the loss, they are also expected to pay the money that they had promised to give whomever they betted with.

For some the money, they placed on sure bets and they might have lost huge somes of money leading them to depression and this could lead to suicidal.

Check this video out.

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