Nairobi comes alive at night. Why you ask? Because youth is a blissful blossom.

Last Friday night my boys and I were at Carnivore for the just concluded Mr. and Miss Karen JKUAT, and at first it just seemed like any other “Young lads in young clads coming to show other young lads what they got.”


Boy was I wrong, because into the night the Carnivore sprung its fangs. Other than the normal hullabaloo of who attended and who didn’t, there was what any guy in any event was wishing for, seeing some JKUAT females in little clothing.


Not all that irritating ratchetness, but a sophisticated disturbance created by the ladies, wild enough to get you almost believing you’d actually take her home tonight yet smart enough to send you a warning sign should you be too sloppy. And they came in different heights and curves.


The models did it though, and let’s face it, in that “view this in its intended artistic flair”, models and all things modeling have that,

“It’s extremely provocative and obviously more intriguing if you view this in its pretended intent; sex appeal.”


There’s just a thing about a woman curves, the sort that you talk about so vulgarly in the bar table with the guys; because guys are really vulgar when let to be. And Mr. and Miss JKUAT let us not only be vulgar, but also see nudity up-close. With only bikini and nothing else to hide those curves, we were given a show of glowing smooth skin, big bumpy butt and all things woman.


The first appearance by a contestant in the “beach wear” category had the audience pause for a while like woo! Bangability alert! But then our eyes got acquainted to it, our minds followed suite, only it didn’t stop at following but went on to imagining what would be if you could rip off that piece of pretentious cloth and bite an apple for what it really is!


But I guess The Carnivore is carnivorous, no vegetarians to peel off pretentious skins off apples. Or if they did, it was done away from the stares of naïve young lads.