After a lot of job hunting, you finally land your job.  

It is what you do that will determine whether your job-search comes to an end or in an unfortunate case, the search continues.

In most cases , after interviews not all make it in getting the job…maybe after a mistake or two.

In order to up your chance in getting the job after an interview…

Here is what to avoid;


  • Talking instead of listening


An ideal interview conversation should be a give and take one. Let the Interviewer do most of the talking and answer only when necessary. Some people end up taking about themselves too much at an interview and this makes the person hiring you doubt if indeed you are there for a job or to market yourself.


  • Lies


Avoid lying about your personal details. The lies may not be easily detected but when discovered it may end making you lose your job.

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  • Show up dressed properly


You don’t want to appear cocky and not confident. Unfortunately, times are changing. New trends keep emerging everywhere but let that appear elsewhere but not in a job interview. Remember you are not going to showcase your know-how on fashion trends. First impressions are very important.


  • Accept the first salary offered


As much as previous job-hunting have been a good source of frustration, you don’t want to throw away your chance at the first job you get. This in return may work in your favour in cases of future salary negotiations.


  • Do nothing after the interview


Follow ups are very important. That one e-mail could possibly change the boss’s decision and end up getting hired. However do not overdo it . Let it be as formal as possible.

Let’s get those jobs, shall we?