Hahahahahaha! interesting how we want to level and label ourselves what we are not. ever come across some amazing job titles only to describe that which is common.ama stop here and leave it to goes them job titles just to add sugar and a little icing to that which we do,

1 tibia-propelled non motorrized automobile driver(bodaboda cyclist

2. automobile hygine expert-carwasher.

3. shoe diagnostics and aesthetic revival technichian-cobbler

4. occupational vacancysurvayor-job seeker

5. entrance security oversight authority-

6. scalp follicle manager-barber

7. monocotyledon cremator- maize roaster

8. poaceae obliterator-grass cutter

9. plantae ethanol chemist-chang’aa brewer

10. mobile sales executive-hawker

11.lake officer-fisherman.

12.outdoor monetary solicitation officer-beggar