The eldest son of Kenya’s commander in chief of the armed forces is finally marrying his longtime girlfriend this week. Jomo who is named after his grandfather, the first president of Kenya is marrying Fiona Achola Ngobi in a traditional wedding ceremony that is set to happen this coming Saturday 12th of November.
The location of the traditional ceremony has not yet been disclosed while the media has been kept abbey.
The ‘ruracio’ has already happened the other week on 22nd of October. The low key event was attended by the president’s family and close relatives where the couples and guests donned traditional regalia to mark the ceremony.

It is alleged that Uhuru Kenyatta will be required to pay the normal charges for his son’s dowry according to their agreements they made with the inlaws. In consideration that he is the son of the president, there was not advantage taken and the family is supposed to pay 100 standard goats. This can happen in installments but the first slot of payment should fairly be something above a half of the whole sum.
It is reported that the couple will officiate their union in a white wedding ceremony to be held some time next year.
The couple are both elites from rich families where the pride, Fiona Achola is born in a mixture of political blood: rumor says that she is born of a luo woman and a Kikuyu man whose abode is suspected to be Muranga. Education wise, the beautiful woman has two masters both from foreign universities.
The couple are on few occasions spotted stealing the public glare when were holding hands at Jamhuru day in June last year.