Different people had different opinions when an image of a lady journalist made its way online. The journalist is seen kneeling down presumably to either get a better quality of audio or for lack of a microphone stand during Mr. Mudavadi’s yesterday conference.

People gave different opinions over the photo which was posted online by ODM’s Director of communication Phillip Etale questioning the professionalism of the journalist but a good number of people turned against him as they saw no harm in the lady kneeling down if there was no one else willing to help her hold the recorders.

While some of those who weighed on the matter thought it was not such a big issue for the lady to do what she had to do to get the job done, others threw the blame to the media houses for not adequately equipping their companies with all the requirements while others thought Musalia Mudavadi should have been a gentleman and helped the lady hold the microphone and the recorder.

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