NTV journalists Trevor Ombija, , Dan Mule, Doreen Majala and Zeynab Ismael were on the way to Kisumu as they witnessed an accident that occurred at Edhewe In Mbale . The accident happened at around 8 am and the journalists were also from Kakamega heading to Kisumu.

The trailer was from Mombasa and heading to Kakamega and the truck was carrying rice packaged in 25 kilograms sacks.

A video has surfaced of the eye witnesses fighting for rice from the overturned truck as the driver and the other victim were fighting for their lives. The video has really shocked Kenyans online because the witnesses never really cared about the condition of the driver and the other passenger. Majala filmed as the witnesses scrambled for rice unbothered.

Majala said that Trevor Ombija and her other colleagues helped pull out the victims and took them to a nearby hospital.