Journalists Under Siege – Take to The Streets!


Thursday the 8th saw journalists across the country from all sorts of professional background gather at the Freedom Corner, Uhuru Park to participate in the organized countrywide protest.

This came as a result of the ongoing brutality and death of journalists in the country over the past few weeks. When a journalist loses his/her life, you instantly connect their murder and motive as work related.

“The trend of physically mistreating journalists has become unbearable, why would you kill the messenger? When all they want to do is voice a concern that is of public interest.

Says a student at the School of Journalism, University of Nairobi, who was among hundreds of participants in the demonstrations.


How effective are these demos?

Sometime back it was lawyers on the road, demanding justice for their slain colleague, his client and their taxi driver. And now the death of Joseph Masha 20. According to The Star, the Kilifi journalist mysterious passed out and died, after meeting with a senior politician whose cause of death is alleged poisoning. The most recent Dennis Otieno 26, was shot because of being in possession of a picture that could have been used as possible evidence for news worthy item.



Placards used in the demos, read “the constitution is my press card”, “journalists lives matter”, “no longer chained to silence” among others.

The march started from Uhuru Park, through Kenyatta Avenue to DPP. The United Nations termed this increase in the journalists’ intimidation and physical harassment as “extremely high”`