The journey to rest

rest_thumb[5]Apparently, recess is a time set aside for students at Daystar university to go and have rest after along half gone semester but the opposite is done. Students do not rest over recess, they over indulge and come back to school more tired and exhausted than they left the school premises. It’s interesting how the life of a university student is. It is an exciting experience being a student. I thank God for journals for we get to put to record all our experiences on paper.

This preparation for recess kicks in after the first month of the semester, actually the plans for the next recess starts immediately after the last day of the previous recess. That is how seriously people take recess. For the planners, recess comes early, for us who wait to be surprise it comes some weeks before the recess date. The rate at which students market the different destination is just entertaining. They have good offers to lure you into falling for the trap. It is as thought they are the ambassadors of those places.

They print out colorful posters with all the enticing words to make you visit the place. The PAC being the centre of all marketing strategies and the central part of the school, everyone with a deal parades themselves and call on students to go and check on what they have to offer for recess. Lucky you if you have a student friendly offer that can cater for many; you get to scope the crème Del crème of the institution. How they manage to get all those expensive places for low coast is still a mystery to many. Students have the knowledge of so many things that are of interest to them. The persuasive language in them is another thing to die for. They market their trip plan with a passion such that you have nothing to say but to agree.

Every board around daystar was filled with numerous posters advertising the different recess destination. Every poster had its unique offer and chances of making the right choice are high. Posters of all colors and photos entice one to learn more. This is how one gets to have many students come for your offer. To make things more credible, some come up with parental authorization letters so as to ensure that they are to be trusted. It is not that other offers turn out to be bad but one needs to go with their own flock of people, your friends.

Unfortunately not many people are able to afford all that is displayed there. So for them, they opt to travel up country to go and have bonding sessions with their parents while others choose to remain in school since it is usually a serene place after everyone has left.  I tend to think these groups enjoy the rest that comes with recess. This recess offers range from three thousands to fifteen thousand at most. If you want a good recess then you should be willing to pay some good money. It is amazing how rich students are to the extent of paying fifteen thousand for three days and on the other hand their bank accounts are fatty.

The preparation for recess is tough. Some get people and some get away with no one to go to their destination. Your language and skills will work for you when it comes to persuading students. The journey to rest is as tiring just as the recess period is. Rest during recess is paradoxical.

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