Jowie’s mother has finally appered in court to support her son. During all these trials, Jowie was all alone in the court. Nobody came to suppoer him not eben his friends. Finally his mum has showed up in court today to support his son during the trial. They are seen hugging as they are whispering to each other’s ears.

Considering Jowie’s state, she has been forced to reveal her face even after she told NTV’s journaliost Dennis Okari to hide her face during the exclusive interview she had with him. Jowie’s mother had previously said that her life was in danger. She said,

Watu wamenigeuka wakisema hii ni boma ya wauaji”.

It seems that she just had to attend today’s court session to support her son. Nothing can beat a mother’s love. I respect her for taking this big step even though her life might be in danger.

Watch full video below;