3Let’s talk about joy and happiness friends. The distinction between the two words is not important, what is important is the expression of the two. A little of English lesson will help here, joy (noun) is the emotion of great happiness while happy (adjective) is enjoying or showing or marked by joy or pleasure. So, these two beautiful words are made of not more than ten letters but they can bring one to a level of living a million and one year. Seems like I woke up on the right footing today with the evidence of saying high to every person I came across with this morning. It is a joy to see someone smiling despite of all difficulties in their life. Lupita Nyong’o makes Kenya proud despite the fact that she is not a Kenyan. Her activities give us hope as a country that someday we shall be somewhere on the global map when it comes to acting and intelligence. Spread some joy and happiness if you can. Do not hold it back because you never know what it would lead to; a promotion, better job, great project and an opportunity in life. It is worth trying and making it a lifestyle.