Juliani is one of the most successful artistes in Kenya and was even the first Kenyan to be fully singed by a UK based record label. He is seen to have released great rhymes and always campaigning for good causes such as World Vision Peace Tour, Stand Up Against Poverty…among others. Of late he has been on the down low. I’m not sure if it was adapting to be called ‘Daddy’ or he disappeared into the studio to produce yet another hit.

He has just released the first single from the Exponential Potential Album titled ‘One Day’. Given Juliani is very social conscious, this song is a very encouraging song. It speaks about how ambition and persistence can get you far. He mentions how laziness can never get you on Forbes list. He’s not ashamed to admit that he cried and lost heart but his mother encouraged him. The chorus is quite the catch as he expresses how he always told his mother that he would be famous one day. As the Christian ┬áhe is, he also owes his success to God. A beautiful story of his journey in the best rhymes yet. Who can say this guy isn’t talented?

The video of ‘One Day’ is simple and real. He chose a Maasai setting to shoot it. You’ve probably never pictured Juliani in Maasai attire. Well, now you’ve seen him. He looks like a proper herdsman. He sings and raps passionately. I’m sure you’ve seen him at work it’s amazing how he does it effortlessly. A little Maasai boy makes a paper plane signifies a boy with loads of dreams in a world that doesn’t offer him much. A world that he has to struggle to achieve his goals. It’s a very metaphoric video but it all depends how deep you are.

I don’t know what to say to Juliani. He’s earned enough awards to affirm he’s talented, I need not repeat the same old news. One thing I can’t help but acknowledge is that Juliani is real and has stayed true to representing the struggles of the mwananchi. All respect to Juliani and may his music prosper. If you’ve not heard this single I’m not sure what you waiting for. It’s the latest thing on my playlist.

Do not miss out on Juliani na 3 concert on 19th April at City Hall Way. Click here for full details.