The Hands Off Our Elephants Campaign secretariat will host a series of planned County tours, which will be held this Saturday, 21 June, at the St Paul’s University Grounds in Limuru.

The event will start at 10 am and end at 3pm. Films including award winning “Battle for the Elephants” (National Geographic) will be screened as part of the event.

The event will be hosted by WildlifeDirect CEO Dr. Paula Kahumbu and the key guest of the day will be the celebrated Gospel Hip Hop star Juliani.


The Hands Off Our Elephants Campaign is an initiative of a Kenyan charity WildlifeDirect. The Campaign aims to mobilise people from all walks of life to change mindset and behaviours, in response to the crisis facing elephants, by facilitating all sectors of society to take responsibility in safeguarding elephants; developing mechanisms for sharing information that empowers relevant stakeholders to take action and; and promoting Kenya as an international model for protecting Africa’s elephants.


Other key participants in the event include Tonee Ndungu (Nation Media Drive Show presenter), Christine Laurenssen (Ipsos Kenya), Chief Nyamweya (Cartoonist), Shadrack Ngene (KWS), and Mandarin speaker Chris Kiarie of WildlifeDirect who has just returned from a tour of China to engage the youth on the ivory issue there.

Tours in other Counties across the country are slated to take place later in the year.

The County tours are intended to inform, inspire and mobilise the participants to take action against poaching, starting with the communities in which they live. The participants will develop anti-poaching project plans and sign up as Elephant Ambassadors.