June 22nd – No Panties Day


On the 22nd of June each year, girls should ditch the panties and “go bare down there” for the next 24 hours. We can only hope the ladies feel the freshness given the chilly weather.


The establishment of the origin of No Panty day is still underway, but its impact goes way under those sacred garmets. The most dominant theory claims it was added to Wikipedia international Observance Days as a hoax, others claiming it dates way back to 1940s when women would go without panties to make them last longer, seems like everything should last longer these days!

And long we hope this lasts, ladies and gentlemen.

Kevin:   “Dude, how she do that?”

Omullo:“Do what?”

Kevin:   “Get so thick and wiggly overnight…”

Omullo: “Bro, they all wiggly today, it’s No Panties Day!”

Speaking of which, it is also Stupid Guy Thing Day.

Here you share and compare stupid things that you’ve ever done or said in the past.

So as ladies go all natural ditching that lingerie, briefs, thongs or bikini’s, y’all should not feel objectified. Counter attack with reminding the dudes how stupid they could all get. Because this is his chance to smack bare bum, here’s your chance to bring the use his ill-fated ammo on him.


Would you let your girlfriend go out pantless today? Ladies are you going to play by the rules of this day? Tell us below.