Kalonzo Musyoka who was yet to be sworn in as deputy people’s president admitted the oath taken was against the law.

Speaking in Machakos county on Tuesday February 13th, Kalonzo stated that Raila Odinga was aware that the swearing in was against the constitution and that it violated the law.

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In defense, the Wiper Democratic Movement’s leader said that his absence was not only his decision but also a communication from Raila.

“We met with Raila at Panafric Hotel and he told us once I take the oath I know they will arrest me and you guys should come and get me out’’, Kalonzo said.

This addressing by Kalonzo comes after speculations that he would be taking his oath and he went on dismissing the speculations stating that they needed `proper legal consultation’.

Do you think Kalonzo Musyoka has already exited the Nasa Movement after his latest remark ?

Let us know…