Socialite Huddah Monroe is at it again and this time she has decided to stay away from sex in 2019.

Huddah started an initiative dubbed Funga Duka where she urges ladies to stop having sex until men start acting right.

Most socialites get their wealth using their bodies and Huddah is no exception and you would ask yourself after she has built a home, has a car and even making it big in the business industry, does she have a right of telling ladies to abstain from sex? That’s a question you have to ask yourself.

After the initiative started, a lady confessed of how her man can sleep with six different ladies in a day and this story touched Huddah.

NO more SEX for me 2019!
WHAT in the FUCKERY?! @iamwanjie please nitafute DM niku fundishe tabia ya ku-treat these cheating ass small boys. Manze nime kasirika aje , 6 women? hiyo ni uchawi si kichinjio. Madame TUFUNGE DUKA! Hawa maboys itabidi wamejisort na masamantha na ma mafuta mpaka ile siku they’ll act right!!!!… ✌🏾 #WatuWajikamue#MademFungeniDuka! #TumefungaMiguu#NoMoreSex
#kinghuddah👑#stargal⭐️. she wrote.

Presenter Kamene Goro is not happy with the socialites moves and decided to attack on the issue. Here is what she had to say about funga duka.

So while I was away, I hear there was something called “Funga Duka” that was began, so Huddah Monroe has decided to go on a nationwide campaign telling ladies to Funga their duka to the boy child. Huddah is going to tell you that, that is her business. This babe has bought a car, house, built an enterprise from her duka, now she is the one going to tell you that, ati the campaign is called what? Huddah? That’s who you guys are listening to?

Different Celebs had different reactions to this.

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