The last couple of weeks have seen Kanye West try to mend the fast growing rift between him and Toronto rapper Drake.

The two who are also neighbors have been close and Drake even helped Kanye write some songs on his latest album. However, issues begun when Pusha T who is signed under Kanye’s label dissed Drake and to top it up the diss song was produced by Kanye himself.

Drake shared personal info with Kanye during their studio time including him having a baby and so far he feels like Kanye was the one who told Pusha about it and Pusha in return dissed Drake with it.

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Kanye has since come out to deny that but Drake has refused to hear none of that calling out Kanye a number of times. Amid all the disagreements and broken trust, the rumor of Drakes “In my Feelings (KiKi)” being about Kanye West’s Wife, Kim Kardashian, Rose and now everybody thinks Drake messed up With Kim K.

We all know Kanye doesn’t play about with his family and now he has called Drake out telling him he doesn’t take it lightly that Drake seems okay with the rumor continuing to spread.

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