karen walkerDesigner Karen Walker, is using her new eyewear campaign to celebrate and high spot Kenyan artisans. The famous New Zealand based designer partnered with the UN’s Ethical Fashion Initiative for her new range of eyewear which will come with a free screen-printed pouch for every purchase. The designer, known to shoot her ad campaigns in unconventional ways with no professional model, is using the creators of the pouches as the stars of her campaign.

Among the faces used are those of micro-artisans located in urban slums and disadvantaged rural areas of Kenya. They include tailors, cutters, machinists, metal workers and production managers behind the production of the pouches. Members of the Maasai community who are infamous for their expatiate beading work are also used in the ad campaign.

“We were thrilled to be able to work with the Ethical Fashion Initiative on this project and wanted to expand on that by presenting not only the pouches they are creating for us, but also something more intimate – a glimpse into the world that the work is coming from,” she said.

Simone Cipriana of the Ethical Fashion Initiative said they chose to work with Karen because a project brings forward the positivity, dynamism and beauty of Africa which is in line with what the UN organization does.

karen walker karen01 karen1 karen2 karen3 karen5 karen6 karen7 karen8 karen9Ms Walker’s line of eyewear, known for its overstated shapes and kinky colors is reinventing some its old styles for the current eyewear campaign.

By Job