Katy Perry to Judge on American Idol


Katy Perry is set to land a role on American Idol show as one of the three Judges for this year’s show. The singer has been rumored to be working on a deal with the show to become the anchor judge when the new season starts.

According to reports by TMZ the show is looking to bring in a celebrity judge who will oversee the singing competition. The announcement is set to take place on Tuesday with Katy Perry hanging in to see if the show finally agrees to her terms. This is after Kelly Clarkson’s deal went south after she officially joined The Voice.

The host is still expected to be Ryan Seacrest just as it was last season. American Idol has had issues in the past with the show going off on FOX due to production expenses. The show will have Katy Perry as the anchor judge but won’t choose high profile stars as her co-anchors. This comes as a precaution because the show has had stars in the past but failed to bring in enough bucks for its survival.

The other two judges are being reported by TMZ to be one songwriter and another music producer. This will help the competitors focus more on the competition rather than the stars on the show.