Trending on twitter has been the #2Jiajiri. This is a youth empowerment program by KCB bank. Its main aim is to emphasize on self-employment for the youth. It is another step we are seeing the big shots in Kenya taking purposefully to improve the lives of the youth in Kenya. This is after we saw the rise and fall of the NYS project.

KCB Bank Group targets 2.5mn jobs in five years
KCB Bank Group targets 2.5mn jobs in five years

More young people are now being encouraged and advised on the importance of getting a good education that will assist them in getting better jobs or even more interestingly, to start up their own jobs. The youth now understand that you don’t have to have a white collar job for you to earn a living.

They are now encouraged to work on their in born talents and skills for them to be unique and also create diversity in the country’s economy. Some of what they have been asked to venture in include: art and film making, music and writing.

Kenya has shown great progress in terms of the youth venturing in different fields and encouraging the rest to try out new avenues in the country.

After the launch of 2Jiajiri program, we are sure that the message will shed a light on every young person in Kenya and within a few years, progress will have been made.