The moment is upon us, when former high scholars who sat for the 2014 KCSE have all turned to God. The results are ready and shall be announced early next week. So, what happens if the results aren’t what you expected them to be???? Always remember there is life after results. Don’t go killing yourself. That’s just stupid!!!

You could do either one of the following to help you grow and begin life:

1. Join the NYS

One of the best options for the undecided because it teaches discipline, independence and teamwork, responsibility, honor and leadership skills that can be applied to almost anything in life. So, go on, be great!

national youth service

2. Travel.

As soon as readers see this, they’ll run to the comments expressing narrow-minded sentiments like “HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO TRAVEL IF YOU AREN’T RICH?” Protests about money aside, traveling allows you to experience the world. You could fall in love with another culture and decide you want to move there—just be sure to be a good immigrant if you do though. It also opens up your mind on various cultures, languages and food. The country doesnt have to be abroad or out of the country, going to live in Mombasa or Nakuru for a month could be the best decision you ever make.

tembea kenya

3. Volunteer.

I’m sure nobody will actually take this suggestion seriously, especially not the article’s target audience (teenagers and people who give advice to teenagers—older siblings, parents, etc) since volunteering isn’t lucrative. So maybe spend a year volunteering out of high school, you’ll probably become a much better, more understanding person for it. For example, did you know it is possible to volunteer at KWS and Red Cross?


4. Get a job

I worked at Multichoice during my first year of college. One of my co-workers had also just graduated high school, but he wasn’t enrolled in college. He took a gap year to work full-time; he wanted to earn some money. Furthermore, he wanted to be properly motivated when he finally did go to college. He said being exposed to the hopelessness of a full-time retail job for a year would motivate him to actually study and learn in college rather than just drink, smoke and fuck.

I don’t know what became of him, but his reasoning made sense to me. Go out and see what the working world is really like. Once you’ve had a taste of it, you’ll appreciate college that much more. Getting an online job is easy, check out the Homeboys foundation ‘Niko job’ which offers the youth job opportunities on your own terms.

niko job

5. Learn a skill.

Even if you don’t pursue your chosen trade later in life, knowledge accrued during a year of learning basic automotive repair, sewing, braiding hair or some plumbing techniques will always be helpful. Learn to play an instrument or disk jockey (DJ) and be the next H_Art the band or DJ. The music conservatoire offers various instruments to learn, from the flute, piano and guitar.

guy playing guitar

6. Write.

Try writing a book. Write short stories. Write articles on the Internet, even. you’ll learn about communication and creativity—skills that are important to have but many people still lack, especially in the era of “omg wai u talk leik dis xo annoying jeez” speak and character limitations.



7. Play a sport

Sports are great in teaching discipline and teamwork. If you were great at football or basketball or hockey, stay busy with the sport. Numerous people have gotten scholarships to the United States and even more.

KCA men basketball team

It is always important not to rush into university immediately. Take time to know who you truly are and what you enjoy. Than you will know exactly what you want to do without being rushed.

By @cynthiatuts