_E9V0227I am not pregnant, Size 8 maintains. A lot of stories have been flying around that the only reason Size 8 seemingly rushed into the marriage is because she is heavy with child. Contrary to these stories, Size 8 is not pregnant and is simply enjoying her newly marriage life. They are still in the honey moon period she said and she’s enjoying every minute of it.

Let’s talk about celeb couple who have kept their relationships ‘chini ya maji’. We will find out where Dj Moh and Size 8 got their notes from. Focus is now on Juliani and Brenda Wairimu. Quite frankly if these two break up tomorrow, we will find out about it 2 months later. These two have managed to put their business on the down low for the longest time and until now, there is no picture of them together. Believe it or not, you do not have to instagram all the ish that you do with your better half all the time. Where do these guys go out on dates, and just where are our paparazzi when they are out holding hand and expressing love to each other in public? Wait, do we even have paparazzi?

Sage and Rabbit have also had their love affair on the low low until things started going down south and all hell broke loose. Apparently, Rabbit had a chille on the side, this has never settled well with any mami. She apparently decided to take off and leave the other chille Kaka Sungura. Rabbit, what your side of the story?

The billion dollar wedding is no longer a fantasy to Emmy Kosgei. She is now a Mrs. To a very filthy rich Nigerian pastor. The relationship went on for a good one year and y’all only got to know about it when the two were getting married. All the buzz and paper surrounding this relationship is craaay.

Ladies and gents, we hope you have been taking notes from these guys. It’s ok if peeps know of your relationship but not all about your relationship. Get it?