Residents  in Makutano, Meru County could not believe what was happening in a house right in the area.  Two decomposing bodies in what detectives suspect is a murder-suicide.

Neighbours of a female student from the Kenya Methodist University (KEMU) alerted police leading to the shocking discovery on Monday afternoon.

According to unconfirmed reports, the fourth year student was killed by her boyfriend who had gone to visit her at her rental house located near the Kenya Methodist University, Meru county campus.

The boyfriend, a student at Chuka University, is believed to have committed suicide after killing the girl. It, however, remains unclear when the murder-suicide happened or what transpired between the two lovers.

Police officers who reported to the scene found the naked body of the girl lying on the floor. The male student’s body was found hanging in the bathroom.

The girl’s body had visible stab wounds. Blood was also found on the floor as well as the bed.