Nairobi Campus held its 3rd trimester’s Nairobi Students Campus Day at City park, Safari Bowling Green. The event was organized by KeMUSO Nairobi. There was a high student turnout, and the University bus had to make several trips to transport the students from KeMU Hub to the venue.

The event is usually held every trimester, in an effort to provide an environment where both the new students and continuing students have a chance to interact in an enjoyable and safe environment. The venue offered the best of nature from the well manicured lawns and tress, to the enjoyment of watching monkeys playing.

The Chief Guest was Professor Robert Gateru (Principal, Nairobi Campus), who despite his busy schedule, managed to be at the event. Professor Gateru addressed the students and urged them to make use of their talents through joining or creating a club in KeMU, or by simply being active in campus life.