Ken Ring-a Swedish based Kenyan artist and producer,has made history after becoming the first Kenyan, to work at Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong studio in Kingston Jamaica.

He is the brains behind the Kalamashaka classic hit song ‘Fanya Mambo’ and most recently worked on Johnny Vigeti’s debut album “Mr Vigeti”.

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The rapper who has collaborated with popular artists such as Morgan Heritage runs his own record label Masa Music under which Vigeti’s album was produced.

He also revealed that he is currently building a studio in Kenya.

“Its time to make childhood dreams come true. I am going to Tuff Gong to record and produce my first reggae album.I have too much inside so I know its a classic in the making” said Ken who is excited about the prospects of the project.

The famous Tuff Gong International studio is one of the largest studios in the Caribbean. Artists, musicians, producers and tourists travel from all over the world to see and use it. The studio is said to have a vibe conducive to creativity, and this may be because the mixing board in the studio is the same one used by Bob on all of his records.

The studio gave birth to Bob Marley’s classics “No Woman, Nuh Cry”, “Trenchtown Rock”, “Stir It Up”, “Concrete Jungle”, “Redemption Song”, “Buffalo Soldier” and “Could You Be Love”, just to name a few. Since its inception, Bob Marley and Tuff Gong International have sold millions of records, and continue to do so.