On the third of February 2016, many chicken lovers all over the country were hit hard by the unfortunate news of their favorite chicken stop over joint closing down. Kenchic Inn, which is one of the fast food joints but famously known for its crispy and crunchy, finger-licking chicken announced that it will be out of business from the thirty-first of March 2016.

Although we must admit that it has been getting stiff competition from other franchises like Chicken Inn and Ken-Turkey Fried Chicken, the Franchise has been a favorite to many over the years.

If you grew up in the urban setting then Kenchic was on your speed dial for orders.

If you grew up in the rural setting then the great grape vine always informed you of its greatness and prepared your appetite for the most amazing Kuku on the planet once you visited a town or a city near you.


The news broke ground for most of the students in Daystar University, Athi river campus.  For a school that is dubbed away from civilization, some of the Kenchic Inn branches are their number one stopovers when they have a weekend out.


For others it is where their family memories are made when they get to visit their parents on the weekend or during the holiday.  It is culture for many to stop at a Kenchic Inn joint and order the famous three in one offer. The quarter chicken, half plate of French fries and a cold drink either a soda or fresh juice to complete the pack.

Kenchic might be closing down its physical stands, ripping off its name from the face of the earth but its legacy will forever be in the hearts and minds of those who found a home and felt cared for but moreover felt like royalty whenever they had a bite of their Kuku.

Long Live the Kenchic Inn brand. We will always be ‘kuku’ about chicken.

What did Kenchic mean to you? Tell us your story below.